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The Ultimate Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare Guide

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If you have decided to go for the micro scalp pigmentation, it is essential to note that just like other treatments, SMP require care and attention after the treatment. Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure that is meant to provide you with permanent hair solutions and thus it is necessary to make sure that you follow the right procedure to make sure that the pigments last longer on your scalp. There is no doubt that you are going to have appealing results if you are serious with the aftercare guidelines. Follow the following guide.

In the first for days after the treatment, there are several aftercare practices that you should observe. At all cost, avoid those things that will make you sweat. You may be tempted to shower but resist the temptation. Swimming pools, tanning bed, salt rooms, and chlorinated pools are some of the places that you should avoid at all cost during this time. The treated area should not be shaved, cleaned, or touched.

From day 5-7, it is now the time to get your head in the water. Washing should be gentle and if you have to use shampoos, consider the baby ones. You should also consider applying moinstreizerr to ensure that your head does not get dry or flaky. The best moisturizer is the one which is non-perfumed. Engage in those activities that will make you sweat lightly.

After one week from when you underwent the treatment, you can now go back to the regular showering sessions and schedules. You can shower at any temperature. For the shampoo, and can work. A warning to those people who are considering razor shaving; they should not commence it if they are still healing scabs on the skin. Finally, you may get back to the gym and do those activities that will make you sweat a lot. Check out SMP Dallas for more insight.

You will have to undergo one or two more treatment session before you get the results. The sessions are spaced with a span of about one month. You should make sure that you are adhering to the above guideline for every session. Normal life will start one month after the last treatment.

You are allowed to get to the swimming pools, sauna, salt rooms, and tanning bed 30 days after the final treatment. It is recommended that you wear a quality sunscreen when you are getting out to protect your head. It is also vital to ensure that your head is moisturized at all the time.

Sometimes, the treated area can get an infection, and thus you should be watchful. You are likely to have swelling if the infected area is infected; the swelling will be excessive, painful, and disturbing. Another symptom of infection is fever. Fever is a symptom that always tells you that something wrong is happening in your body.

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